"We would not have our home without Karen, plain and simple.  Her clear and direct communication in combination with swift timing and action allowed us to secure an amazing space in the heart of downtown Vancouver in the middle of a red-hot market.   Finding our home was a process of discovery and decision-making, and Karen's perfect blend of patience, experience, honesty, and wisdom made her the best partner that we could have hoped for."
-- Julia & Greg (Downtown Vancouver, BC.)

"We have been Karen's clients for a few years now. Most recently, she helped us with the sale of a condo in downtown Vancouver. Her guidance, from selling strategy to completion, was well balanced, supported by research and experience. Karen is very knowledgeable, and we gained a lot by sharing in her experience and methodology. When an unexpected opportunity showed up during the sale process, Karen was quick to react and highly effective. We consider Karen part of our team, as she definitely plays for us—that is, she always puts our interests first and is unfailingly honest in her appraisals. We have recommended her services to friends in the past and will continue to do so."
-- Ken & Lili (Downtown Vancouver, BC.)

"Karen has the perfect combination of interpersonal skills and knowledge. She can handle the complex process of buying a home in Vancouver with finesse yet she is straightforward and efficient.  I recommend her wholeheartedly!
-- Grace Libardo (Fairview, BC.)

"It is fair to say that we are very picky at our realtor.  Comparing with other five realtors we interviewed, Karen was substantially more organized, professional, and knowledgeable. We decided to hire her right away. Karen helped us through the whole process, including identifying what we like, house hunting, negotiation, inspection, and closing. She even provided renovations ideas, along with contractors. We cannot imagine anything without Karen. The place we got is everything we ever wanted. The whole purchasing process was executed in a very effective manner. We owe Karen a particularly big thank you because we were dealing with a very difficult seller. We were frustrated from time to time, but Karen always got us back on our feet. She was always responsive, supportive, positive, and reliable. We are 100% happy with Karen and will definitely do business with her again. We will strongly recommend Karen to anyone who wants to buy or sell a property."
--Alex & Sharlene (Burnaby, BC.)

"I am so proud to tell all my friends I bought my first apartment in Vancouver! It wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t chosen Karen Costa as my realtor. She is organized, patient, professional and her expertise and good connections allow you to find the best deals. In terms of negotiation, she is fearless, always fighting for her clients. The purchase process can be stressful, but having her to assist me, made my life much easier. I bought, sold and bought again a new property with her, and I am pretty sure I won’t think twice when I need a realtor from now on."

Karen Costa is amazing in a way I have never seen before!
--Karen (Downtown Vancouver, BC).

 "Karen represented us for the purchase of our second home and the sale of our first.  She is the  best realtor I have had the pleasure of working with and I would not hesitate to recommend her to  family, friends and strangers alike.  With accuracy, integrity and confidence, Karen guided us  through the potential complexities of a simultaneous buy-sell transaction.  Furthermore, I was  impressed with her marketing capabilities and felt as though no cost was spared in this regard. I can  truly say I look forward to working with her again in the future.” 
--David & Tatiana Salisbury (Burnaby, BC). 

 "When we first contacted Karen expressing our interest in buying a small apartment in Vancouver downtown at the low end price  range of mid $300K only, she did not hesitate to offer her “no obligation” help in our property search.   We felt we were her top  VIP with her full attention to our need and concerns during the whole process. 
 It took us 6 months to find our ideal apartment.  We had visited many listing properties with Karen.  She was very patient and  friendly with us.  She was different than a typical sale person.  She would not rush us into closing a deal.  She would provide her  honest opinion looking out for our best interest.  When it came to making an offer, we did not feel pressure from her to add any  premium to our initial offer. We trust her professional advice completely.  
 Karen is very thorough.  She kept us in the loop all the time.  She responded to our inquiries very promptly.  She followed thru the  whole purchase transaction even after subjects were removed.  Not only she kept an eye of the contractor to ensure the  renovation was completed prior to completion, she also took the initiative to arrange repairing the oven for us after the subjects  were removed.  We appreciate her service excellency and professionalism.  Thank you Karen!" 
--Alex & Debbie Pang (Downtown Vancouver) 

Thank you Karen! You did a great job, and you are a wonderful professional!  Always glad to help out, dedicated and competent. We will always recommend you as the best Realtor in Vancouver!
--Yane & Beatriz Ferreira (Coal Harbour)

"Karen is an outstanding professional. She worked as a realtor for us during our first time purchase and demonstrated her knowledge of the market. She helped us find our mortgage broker and explained to us the offer process and documentation required.  She guided and cared about us all the way through. Though stressful, we enjoyed the journey and would refer Karen to anyone in need of an excellent realtor.
--Mario & Rosana Batista (West End)


"As first time home buyers, we were certainly a bit nervous about the process of buying a home. Karen was referred to us by a colleague who had raved about their experience in having Karen represent them and we can absolutely see why! Karen was amazingly professional, honest,reliable and patient with us as we went thru the process and asked our endless questions. Karen never showed us anything that we did not ask for or was over our budget. She offered educated opinions to help us make decisions when we were unsure even if it meant more work for her. In the end, we found a perfect fit for what we wanted and Karen was able to get it for an amazing price which saved us thousands of dollars. We would, without a doubt, recommend Karen to anybody who is contemplating buying or selling their home in the lower mainland."
--Mark & Kuldeep Hills (East Vancouver)

"When selling your place, Karen is the realtor you are looking for. She was extremely diligent, straight forward, and helpful, from our first contact till the closing date, making the whole process as easy as it could be. My place stayed in the market for less than 2 weeks, and I've got 3 offers during this time. She advised me on the best offer and my place was sold in just 10 days! My wife and I were totally impressed and thrilled with the results she delivered. Thanks Karen!!"
--Nilson & Marcia Souza (Downtown Vancouver)

"Karen Costa , made selling our condo worry free. Karen was professional and prepared, she listened to what we wanted from a realtor and she delivered. Karen was responsive to our questions and followed up on our requests quickly and efficiently. She really put extra effort into getting the job done, hosting open houses and using multi-media such as Facebook , Twitter and Craigslist to sell our property. Karen was fantastic to work with, kept us informed throughout the process and sold our property in just a month!  We would highly recommend her to friends and family. Thank you Karen!"
--Kathy and Scott  Packford (Downtown Vancouver)

Being a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and concerns. Karen was there for me through it all - her knowledge, experience, professionalism and willingness to help made my experience a successful one, I am very happy with my new home! 
Her dedication and patience are beyond anything I've seen before, we looked at over 40 places together and she was never just trying to make the deal, she was very attentive and would always point out the pros and cons of each one, she actually saved me of making a very bad deal.
She explained the whole process to me and answered all my questions, she read all the papers, came to the house inspection and recommended an excellent broker and notary as well. She still makes herself available to answer any questions or help out.
Karen Costa loves what she does and most importantly, she is very honest and will tell you if there is anything wrong. She also works very hard to find and get you the best deal!
I have no hesitation in recommending Karen, she is the best out there!
"A melhor corretora de imoveis brasileira em Vancouver/Canada". 
-- Lilian Bravo (Downtown Vancouver)

“We would like to thank Karen for her great work and professionalism. She was excellent at the many showings we requested, phone calls, contract matters, and referrals to the right professionals. She was fantastic at keeping us informed and it was always a pleasure. The extra effort and resourcefulness translated into us buying the right home.  We wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone who is in the process of purchasing a home." 
--Tod & Melody Molnar (New Westminster)

"Karen represented us in both the purchase of our home and sale of another with a great deal of success. We were very pleased with how attentive and timely she was. We would definitely hire her again."
--Peter & Sabrina Ferrari (Kitsilano)

"It is our great pleasure to recommend Karen Costa as a realtor.  Karen is by no means the first realtor with whom we have worked, but she is most certainly the best. 
Unlike our previous realtors who were distracted by the busy market, Karen was attentive and offered support and clear-eyed guidance both during showings and in follow-up afterwards.  She stayed in touch even when no appropriate homes were available for viewing.  She was attentive without pushing us to change our parameters to suit a quicker purchase or being overly solicitous.  Karen demonstrated the capacity to actually listen—to our housing needs, concerns, and hopes—a rare gift in a realtor, it seems. 
In the home we finally purchased, Karen never judged our need for information and took up our many concerns and queries with the surliest of vendor realtors and a grumpy building manager.  She read all of the strata minutes and by-laws, pointing out potential problems as well apparent strengths.  Karen offered a voice of calm reason in the face of our own stressful decision-making, the pressure of the vendor’s realtor, and the demands of the market. We always felt that we were “in the driver’s seat”, but Karen proved an invaluable navigator in the often challenging journey of home buying.  We love our new place!  Thank-you Karen!
--Darien Thira & Mercedes Bains (Fairview)

"Karen and I have had a long real estate relationship.  My search started three years ago when I was looking for a two bedroom condo, ground floor, south facing, with a garden in Vancouver.  Eventually, relationship decisions steered me away to Calgary.  Upon returning to Vancouver, a recession well underway, priorities changed to a one bedroom condo.  Months past, and my life was altered again.  Now my sister and I own a six bedroom house with a south facing garden, in Vancouver.  Karen was the perfect realtor for me.  I was specific about what I wanted and she was patient and understanding.  Never once did she get discouraged with my changing life plans.  She continued to be hard working and encouraging.  She was exactly what I needed."
--Cynthia Wilson (Mount Pleasant)

"As a first time home buyer, I was immediately put at ease with Karen's patience and wealth of knowledge. Her efficiency and effectiveness as a real estate agent is invaluable in such a competitive market! Karen is passionate about her job and is very dedicated in finding the right match for her clients.  She stays with you until the very end... and beyond!"
--Jennifer Wilson (Mount Pleasant)

"Karen made my first time home buying experience an enjoyable and successful one. She was knowledgeable, friendly, professional and patient during my search. Most importantly, I got a fantastic place at a fantastic price!
Karen took the time to fully understand my real estate goals and worked diligently to help me achieve them. I recommend her services without hesitation and will be using her for my next real estate transaction."
--Ryan Todd (Downtown Vancouver)

"We would like to thank you for all the support and knowledge you have  given to us in finding our place. Your dedication, patience and sincerity gave us the clarity we needed whenever we were looking at a specific place. Knowing that we had someone that cared for us was crucial since we had to make one of the most important decision of our lives, the purchase of our first home.  We have no worries in recommending you to any of our friends since we know they will be well taken care of."
--Joey Tibble & Giselle Miranda (Commercial Drive)

"If you are looking for someone to represent you when you are selling or buying a home, Karen Costa is the person who can help you make this big step a painless and enjoyable experience.  Karen takes on your task and treats it as if she was selling or buying a home for herself. Not only does she know her market, she takes the time to know her clients.  Karen  does her homework before meeting you and she listens to your needs and does everything in her power to meet your needs and specific requirements.  We feel confident in recommending Karen Costa  to anyone and  would not hesitate to have Karen represent us again in our future real estate endeavours.  Karen, thanks so much for all your help and understanding!  We really appreciate your hard work, commitment, honesty and professionalism."
--Inga Clemens & Nik Okuntseff  (Downtown Vancouver) 

"I have no hesitation in recommending Karen to any prospective client. Karen was always cheerful, friendly, and most importantly, professional. She is a wealth of knowledge and very energetic. Karen helped me to get the best price for my property. Thank you Karen for your dedicated assistance in seling & finding me a new home!"
--Mariana Garcia (Downtown Vancouver)

"Karen is a dedicated realtor, she helped me start looking for a property last summer and I found a place somewhere on my first viewing a couple of months later.  I had a specific set of requirements and she did a good job of finding properties that met those requirements. I never felt like I was being pushed into looking at properties and was always kept up to date on the progress of things without excessive phone calls & emails. During the final negotiations she was able to bring the price down lower than I even expected we could get.  I have recommended her to a couple of friends and will do business with her again in the future."
--N. Ranking (Burnaby North)

I look forward to adding you to my ever growing list of happy clients.